10 Frequently Misused Words

Here’s an interesting article on commonly misused words. It drives me nuts when I hear words like enormity and bemused misused (and I’ve already kvetched about literally), but I have to confess that I might be using plethora incorrectly. I also never use fulsome and noisome because I can never quite remember how they should be used. I should just learn once and for all.

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Jen blogs at Jen on the Edge (jenontheedge.com). She lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. She is a recovering runner, an 80s music aficionado, a chocophile, and a bookworm.
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One Response to 10 Frequently Misused Words

  1. While I don’t use any of these words regularly, if I did I would’ve used a couple of them incorrectly. Thanks for informing us!

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